Beds & Mattresses for Decoration

The bedroom is a place where people relax and unwind and can be described as ‘their own personal space’. It is necessary that bedrooms be airy and not claustrophobic with too many items in an enclosed area. Choice of colors in the bedroom depends on the persons living in them. Mature colors include shades of brown, gray and green. People with an effervescent zest for life could choose from orange, red and yellow. Those young at heart could choose from pink, sky blue and shades of white. Furniture in the bedroom is also largely dependent on the people occupying it. Adults would prefer, for example, more exquisitely carved furniture made of teak or maple wood. This could translate into intricately designed beds, bedside tables, dressing tables, cupboards, closets and so on. Above all the furniture should be well spaced, not appearing too crowded.

It is important that beds with their design and cushioning be comfortable. When selecting a bed, it is advisable not to compromise comfort for quality. A very sophisticated bed with poor quality bedding can lead to backaches and insomnia. You need to choose a bed design that offers comfort, quality and elegance. The bedding, while ensuring comfort to the spine should not be too soft or with bad quality padding. Accessories with a bed could include a side table. This would come in handy if reading or paper work is required to be done in the bedroom. A bedside table ensures space for storing important documents or for a telephone.

The size of the bed depends on the size of the room. A standard single size bed is about 1.05 meters in width and 1.95 meters in length. Old-fashioned beds are comparatively higher than modern day ones. Queen sized bed is the smallest double bed that is about 1.50 meters wide whereas king sized double beds are almost square shaped.

Kapok filling mattresses are ideal for persons who prefer to sleep on hard mattresses. But a mattress of this kind tends to get lumpy soon and some people tend to develop allergies to dust and mites in kapok. Coconut fiber or coir is another option that can be considered. Sponge mattresses are soft and comfortable. Rubber or foam rubber mattresses can make you sweat in hot summers. Spring mattresses filed with either sponge, polyester and kapok filled with latex can provide you many years of comfort when used with good quality springs.


Beds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & Mattresses
Beds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & Mattresses
Beds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & Mattresses
Beds & Mattresses
Beds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & MattressesBeds & Mattresses